Editorial Guidelines

  1. The author asserts that he is sole owner of the copyrights and rights of use to his contribution including possible master illustrations, drawings, plans, maps, layouts and charts and the contribution does not infringe the rights of third parties.
  2. Editorial contributions shall be remunerated in accordance with the rates usually paid by the Publishing House; remunerations shall be remitted to the author immediately after publication of the contribution and delivery of a voucher copy to the author. If the author is liable to VAT, he shall notify the Publishing House accordingly.
  3. Any other publication of the contribution is prohibited without prior consent of the Publishing House. According to the amendment to § 38 of the German Copyright Act, the author grants the Publishing House the exclusive right to publishing his contribution as long as it is subject to the copyright law. The author also grants the Publishing House the right of translation into foreign languages and other editorializing, particularly the adaptation for EDP purposes and the use in electronic media such as Internet, databases and the like, the development of abstracts and the issue in electronic form and the like; moreover the right of generating off-prints and other multiplication, particularly by means of photocopying and the rights exercised by the VG Wort collecting society including the corresponding claims for remuneration. The Publishing House also reserves the right to the electronic storage in databases and the issue in material, or immaterial form, the right to communication to the public in immaterial form and the right to transfer the granted licence to third parties.
  4. The Publishing House reserves the right to abridge contributions as necessary without distorting the meaning, information and message of the contribution. The typesetting alternation is carried out by the Publishing House.
  5. These guidelines form an essential part of the contractual relationship between author and Publishing House.