Belvedere Distillery completes biomass capture facility

In 2018, Belvedere was the first spirits distillery to receive a grant from the European Commission to pilot an ambitious biomass capture facility on site. With the recent inauguration of the biomass capture facility, Belvedere announced an accelerated schedule to reducing its energy CO2 emission: the new facility will start producing 100% renewable energy, and subsequently reduce energy related CO2 emissions by 95% by 2022.

Looking to the future, the brand is taking steps in addressing environmental topics to preserve the terroirs its rye comes from, implementing new responsible business practices and innovative green initiatives. These ambitions address various topics and come with more than a decade of academically researched methods and implementation and focus on solutions that prove better business makes a better world in the service of: nourishing the ecosystems, mitigating climate impact, and engaging with society.

President & CEO of Belvedere Vodka, Rodney Williams, commented on the inaugural opening of the biomass facility by noting that "There is a Chinese proverb that says, 'a journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.'  We know we have a long way to realizing our ambitions to nourish the lands we share and protect ecosystems and biodiversity we depend upon. This new biomass facility marks a major step (truly leap) forward towards Belvedere making good on our belief that better business practices create a better world" Williams continued, "we are building on these achievements by setting the bar even higher for ourselves with eight sustainability commitments achievable by 2025."

  • Convert to Organic Farming: From 2020, Belvedere started to source organic ingredients for all future innovations with all new products reflecting this new standard from 2021. From 2023, the brand will start its transition of being fully organic.
  • Restore Landscapes: Belvedere is currently working on a regenerative soil program to be launched in Poland that aims to protect the natural character of agricultural terroirs.
  • Reduce Water Waste: The goal is reducing wasted water disposal by 40%, which will contribute to an overall 27% reduction of water sourced from the brand's wells by 2024
  • Renewable Energy Solutions: In addition to the biomass capture facility steps, Belvedere is working to install a supplementary solar energy solution at its distillery by 2023.
  • Sustainable Packaging Solutions: Belvedere has eliminated 95% of single use plastic and started implementing eco-design for all new products and POSM. By 2025, Belvedere is committed to further reduce the use of plastic by 50%, increase use of recycled plastic by 50%, and increase the use of recycled glass.
  • Recover Heat Waste Byproduct: By 2022, Belvedere aims to convert the distillation by-product into fuel. At the same time, the brand is working on a plan to recover the heat waste by reusing exhaust fumes resulting into a reduction of the energy input for the boiler house by 20% by 2021.
  • Work With Local Communities to Promote & Supply Green Energy: the brand is working on a plan to supply the city's power network with the green energy produced in-house from 2025 on. At the same time, it will help its agricultural partners moving from 100% to 0% coal dependency with a new renewable energy plan that will be implemented by 2025 directly on site.
  • Leverage NGOs and Universities Collaborations for Greater Water Protection & Efficiencies:

    • Continue Funding The Foundation For Natural Environmental Protection: Protect the natural environment of the local Pisia-Gągolina river by designing a safeguard and restoration plan to be implemented from 2022 on.
    • Long Term Cooperation With Technical University of Lodz and Other Local Universities: By 2023, Belvedere has designed new technical solutions to further reduce our water consumption.

From Left To Right: Wojciech Kosakowski, Technical Director Belvedere Distillery - Jonas Tahlin, President Spirits Brands Moët Hennessy - Philippe Schaus, CEO Moët Hennessy - Rodney Williams, President and CEO Belvedere Vodka - Jan Filocha, General Manager Belvedere Distillery - Lucjan Chrzanowski, Mayor of Żyrardów