Strategic partnership between AB InBev and San Miguel for the German market

The internationally renowned traditional Spanish beer brand San Miguel is moving under the umbrella of Anheuser-Busch InBev Germany. The two companies are entering into a full partnership for the German market, which will take effect from June 2022. In deciding to add San Miguel to its portfolio for the German market, AB InBev is banking on the strong potential for international premium lagers in this country. They are the growth drivers among beers and thus of great importance for the future of the beer market. This growth has contributed significantly to the increase in value in the beer category in recent years. The high-quality international lagers are also particularly popular with consumers because of their refreshing and less bitter taste.

"We are very pleased about the partnership with Mahou San Miguel in Germany. We want to leverage the immense potential we see for San Miguel in Germany. The great popularity of the premium lager makes it an ideal addition to our German portfolio," says Benoit Bronckart, President of AB InBev's Central BU.
Michel Pepa, Country Director for Germany at Anheuser Busch InBev: "We are delighted to add San Miguel to our international premium lager portfolio. The brand is a perfect fit for us and is very popular not only in Germany but also internationally. San Miguel is the best known Spanish beer brand worldwide and the fastest growing in Europe. A real gain for our group of companies."
San Miguel started its journey around the world as early as 1890 and is gradually inspiring more and more people with the Spanish lifestyle. It enriches every convivial meal with its refreshing, award-winning taste and Spanish authenticity.

"The partnership with AB InBev opens up even more opportunities for us to position ourselves in the German market and further increase the awareness and popularity of San Miguel. We are very optimistic about the coming summer and look forward to a successful collaboration," says Erik d'Auchamp, International BU Managing Director at San Miguel.