Beviale Moscow 2022: the stage is set

It’s that time again, and Beviale Moscow is getting ready to launch. Russia’s first trade fair to cover the entire beverage production chain will take place from 29 to 31 March 2022 in Pavilion 57 at the VDNH Exhibition Centre in Moscow. The organisers have made use of the period since the pandemic-induced special edition of Beviale Moscow in 2021 to fine-tune the concept. To reinforce the integrated approach, there will be a stronger focus on wine and liquid dairy products in 2022. However, beer, soft drinks and beverage packaging will also continue to be key components. "After the successful event in 2021, which had been adapted to suit the circumstances, and based on current feedback from the market, I am confident that we can get back onto our previous growth trajectory with Beviale Moscow,” says project manager Thimo Holst, looking optimistically to spring 2022. More than 50 percent of the exhibition space has already been sold.

The VDNH exhibition complex is one of the most popular public spaces in Moscow. Thanks to its location in the historic part of the city, proximity to the city centre and attractive infrastructure, it also offers the ideal conditions for Beviale Moscow 2022, especially as it will take place in Pavilion 57, which was renovated and modernised in 2015. The organisers took the responsible decision to move the venue again in good time after it became apparent that the City of Moscow might continue to use the Sokolniki venue for a while. "To retain the necessary control over the entire organisation and create planning certainty for us and our customers, we have made what is in my view the best choice for a successful event,” says project manager Thimo Holst about the change of location. "The VDNH venue meets all the criteria for a successful trade fair. Pavilion 57 allows us to substantially increase the exhibition space, the number of exhibitors, and the comfort of the conference area.” More than half of the exhibition space has already been booked, among others by KHS, Pentair and Fermentis.

Since July 2020, the Russian wine market has been governed by a new law, whose provisions also include stricter regulation of grape cultivation and the processing, organisation and distribution of Russian wine. The intention is to promote high-quality winemaking within the Russian Federation. The result of this law is that there has been an enormous increase in demand for products across the winemaking process chain. Beviale Moscow 2022 is responding to this demand by presenting the new EnoloTec Special Show “Winemaking in Russia”. The topic of wine will also be covered in various tastings, seminars and workshops.
In Russia, milk production and processing are key issues for the beverage industry and will therefore also be covered in the coming round of Beviale Moscow, for example through the special show Dairy Trends. The conference programme will also feature presentations and discussion panels on the topic of liquid dairy products.

Other items on the agenda, some of which will be familiar from previous years, will also be included at Beviale Moscow 2022, e.g., the NCPack (National Packaging Confederation) conference on “Innovation in Beverage Packaging”, another conference devoted to soft drinks, and the Craft Drinks Corner with tastings and seminars. For the third time now, Bavarian companies will have the opportunity to present themselves to Russian trade visitors as part of the Bavarian Pavilion. To underpin and promote the strong economic ties between Bavaria and Russia, Beviale Moscow started a collaboration with Bayern International in 2019. The Bavarian export promotion agency remains impressed by the concept and continues to give the event its unequivocal backing.