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Lamps made from beer and coffee waste

The Italian design studio High Society uses the waste from the local beer and coffee industry to manufacture tubular luminaires. The profit is donated to addiction prevention.

The Senilia collection was presented for the first time last week at the Warsaw Home fair. Each piece has the same tubular structure. The colours are due to the natural pigmentation of the various types of waste that High Society collects on site. The coffee bean peels, also known as silver skins, are already dry and can be crushed immediately, while the remaining hops and barley from the breweries have to be drained before they can be processed into a powder. Although it appears to be soft and flexible, the drying process solidifies the body of the lamp into a hard, unchangeable structure.

Senilia's imperfect organic forms are intended to show how every living organism is subject to time and to refer to the production process itself, which finds its value in materials, even if they seem to go beyond their life time.