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Fourth generation: Dual leadership at Kieselmann

Caroline Pötzl, née Dohle, has joined the Kieselmann management. The shareholders' meeting of Kieselmann appointed the 33-year-old business economist as managing director with effect from January 1, 2021. Together with Klaus Dohle, she now forms the dual leadership of the fluid technology company.

"My daughter combines fresh entrepreneurial spirit and our traditional values", says Klaus Dohle. With Caroline Pötzl, the family business is entering its fourth generation. After her studies in business administration and a master's degree in technology and innovation management, she joined the company in 2014 and from then on headed the purchasing department. The cross-generational management is a clear signal to the business partners and employees. "Family business is not just a label you can attach to yourself. It is a conviction that you have to live by“, says Caroline Pötzl. The Kieselmann company has been continuously owned and managed by the founding family since 1937.

Klaus Dohle and Caroline Pötzl