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INDUSTRIEBEDARF is the official organ of the association of machine and tool wholesalers (Fachverbandes des Maschinen- und Werkzeug-Großhandels e.V.) (FDM).

Diverse themes such as tools, machines, materials and process engineering, occupational safety, logistics, linking technology and management are covered by this trade publication especially for industrial suppliers.



Wolfgang Burkart


Decorated Holder of the Bavarian Beer Medal, avowed Cuba fan and, of course, “Keeper” of Mindelburg Castle.

Peter Schmid
Executive Editor


He is passionate about art and music. Peter produces the Mindelheim Jazz Festival „Jazz isch“.

Tina Niethammer


In her spare time, she tries to keep in balance by practicing yoga. She's also a big France fan and enjoys a good book.


Josefine Rohde
Media Consultant


Loves to travel: Be it fishing in Norwegian fjords, floating on a house-boat down the Müritz River or driving an RV through Canada.


Sandra Wulkan


Big fan of Disney movies. Especially Mickey Mouse and Star Wars. Does not miss any movie.

Ursula Ostler
Sales / Subscriptions


Known for her dry humor and her vast literary knowledge. Likes to paint in her free time.


Mathilde Bader
Editorial Assistant


„Ship Ahoy!“ is a big part of life for this passionate sailor. Loves to cut through the wind listening to the music of Santiano.


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Guard and safety nets

Manfred Huck GmbH

Netz- und Seilfabrik

Asslarer Weg 13-15
35614 Asslar-Berghausen

0 64 43 / 63 - 0
0 64 43 / 63 - 29 + 30


Hymer - Leichtmetallbau GmbH & Co. KG

Käferhofen 10
88239 Wangen

+49 75 22 / 700 0
+49 75 22 / 700 179

Stud welding technology

Heinz Soyer Bolzenschweißtechnik GmbH

Inninger Str. 14
82237 Wörthsee

0 81 53/8 85 - 0
0 81 53/80 - 30




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